Wienwoche 4. Klasse

Eine gelungene Wienwoche - lang ersehnt, endlich durchführbar, welche Freude

A Week in Vienna

On Monday, September 20th, 2021 we finally started our long planned trip to Vienna. Actually it was scheduled in June last school year, but that had not been possible because of Corona.

So we went to Vienna in the second week after our summer holidays. The train ride took us around two and a half hours and there we were: the great capital! By subway and by foot, our main means of transport throughout the week, we reached our hotel. A few minutes later we started to explore the city. During the following days we saw a lot of cultural sights:

 St. Stephen’s Cathedral from the Northern Tower with the “Pummerin” to the crypt below.

A guided tour led us through St. Michael’s Crypt with creepy mummies.

We had an interesting excursion through the Albertina Museum, and we could explore the imperial palace and gardens  of Schönbrunn on our own. That was great!

We also visited “Seestadt Aspern” a really exciting project of urban development.

Every evening we had dinner in a different restaurant – eating out together was enjoyable and  great fun!

On Wednesday evening our class visited the famous “Prater” – I think that was the ultimate highlight for all of us.

During these four beautiful days we walked all in all 42 km! So that was our personal Vienna Marathon!

By Aurea Braumann